Past Clients

We've helped hundreds of customers. Some were on their way to the Fortune 500. Some where individuals just trying to change the world in their own special way. We've built sites for huge organizations and huge organizations out of mere sites. We've even created iOS and Android apps to go along with them and make them more responsive. Whatever your idea or service, chances are BDA can help.

These are a few of our favorites...

Motion Picture Space

Find a job in the motion picture industry! Or find crew members!

Hundreds of listings, growing daily.


The best aircraft protectant available, hands down. Protect your investment. Increase fuel efficiency. Save money.


Random quotes are combined with random images to create humorous electronic post cards that you can share via email and social media.

Home School Girls

Thinking about home schooling your child? Follow Karen and her journey to homeschool her daughter, Keilee.


What does a grip do? Why is transportation 1/10th of a movie's budget? Answers to these and more film making questions from people that make movies.

Nunayer Business

Providing tools and equipment to the film industry.